Nigerians reacts as D Banj is accused of rape


Nigerians have taken the various social media platform to react to the alleged accusation of singer D Banj.

Earlier a Nigerian model scout, Benjamin Ese called him out accusing him of raping his friend 2 years ago.

The Koko master had spoken out against the rising cases of rape and demanded justice for rape victims.

“#NoMeansNo We Need to Raise Our Sons right and Teach them to love and Respect Women. We Need Justice for Our GIRLS…Say NO to Rape, Racism, tribalism. Let us stop living in FEAR and HATE, and start living in LOVE.???,” he had written.

His reaction prompted Benjamin’s response saying the singer had no right to speak against rape, accused him of being a rapist and of raping her friend.



See some reactions below:

Peruzzi & Dbanj are the next target now? After yesterday seeing watery brain adults throw rape accusations like weapons, believing stories is 10 times harder now morelike parasite & host, new strategy for cretins is throwing to word at popular names to gain relevance

@militant55 wrote:

I am not trying to say that the rape accusation against peruzzi or Dbanj is true but many people out here calling them liars make me understand why many rape victims decide to stay mute…

When Brymo said tagging everyone making it, having more importance and progress now is the new trend after he was accused of rape himself. You all came for his head and tagged him “insensitive.” Now that Peruzzi & 
Dbanj are in the same false rape allegation you don shif post.