Nollywood actress gives relationship advice to married and singles


Nollywood actress Stella Damasus  has given some relationship advice to make a relationship stronger, according to her its proper to let your partner vent while you heed instead of interrupting.

She kicks against cooking up responses as this move could shut your partner out, she opined that listening to your partner will make your bond stronger as a couple.

‘When you give others the chance to express what’s on their minds, to explain, or just to vent (without interrupting), you make the relationship stronger and better. We have to learn to care about what people say.

Don’t be one of those who start to cook up responses in their head immediately the person starts to talk.

You will miss out on what they are really saying.

Listen to them and let it sink in. Let them see that you are interested in what they are saying.

Let them keep talking and you will see that most times they will arrive at their own answer.

The truth is, sometimes people just want someone who cares enough to listen and let them express themselves.

They don’t expect every single person to be a therapist. So, be a listener and let them talk. If you don’t have the answers, just hold their hand and tell them you understand. You will be shocked that it works better than forcing a solution”.