Onitsha seaport offficially functional, first of its kind in Ibo land


Onitsha seaport is now officially functional after its commissioning on October 6.

According to the presidential aide, Tolu Ogunlesi: “The Plan is to move containers from Lagos & Onne Ports to Onitsha by barge. For now, I believe what’s being done is testing. You need to do a pilot first, assess efficiency, do troubleshooting, etc, before you roll out full operations. But if it works as planned it’s gon be a BFD!!”

So what happened yesterday in Onitsha was an event to mark the successful completion of a trial barge trip (carrying containers) from Onne Port to Onitsha Port.

MD says they’re also loading from Onitsha to Onne, for export. It’s awesome news all round!