Passenger Claims She Was Left Alone In A locked And Empty Dark Plane

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 Tiffani Adams, a woman who claimed to have boarded Air Canada flight from Quebec to Toronto on 9 june said she was  left alone while other passenger left the plane on arrival in Toronto, according to her, she fell asleep only to wake up in the middle of the night in a dark and locked plane cleared and parked in Toronto.

She posted a message on Air Canada’s facebook page describing the incidence that has left her terrified beyond  imaginations.

“I fell asleep probably less than halfway through my short 1.5 hour flight,”.

“I wake up around midnight (few hours after flight landed) freezing cold still strapped in my seat in complete darkness (I’m talking pitch black).”

Ms Adams called the incidence  “terrifying” and thought she was having a nightmare she fervently prayed to wake up from.

Recounting what she went through, She said, she tried making a call, but her phone immediately went dead as she attempted to call a friend, the ordeal became even more terrifying as she was rendered completely incommunicado.

“I can’t charge my phone to call for help I’m full on panicking [because] I want off this nightmare asap,” she said.

“As someone with an anxiety disorder as is I can tell you how terrifying this was,” she wrote

“I think I’m having a bad dream bc like seriously how is this happening!!?”

In trying to salvage the situation, Ms Adams struggled to make it to the plane’s main door aided by a touchlight she  found  in the plane’s cockpit.

She eventually opened the door, only to find herself around 50 ft above ground and unable to negotiate the drop beneath her.

The stranded woman said she started sending out distress signals with her torch to alert the attention of anyone around.

According to her a great deal of time past, before she saw a man driving a luggage cart, who passed the plane.

She said she managed to flag the startled airport employee down, saying he was “in shock” to see her.

“He asked how the heck they left me on the plane,” Ms Adams said, describing her rescue.

“I’m wondering the same.”

MS Adams said she was finally escourted by the airport employee  to the airport building, where she was met by Air Canada representatives who also confirmed the incidence.

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