PM Johnson tells colleagues he will be fully available to unlock Britain


Boris Johnson has expressed hope that he will fully recover and be on his feet to lead Britain out of lockdown he told cabinet colleagues, and his closed friends say they are optimistic it will be as early as next week.

Mr Johnson is determined and ready to go to work, to get Britain working again.

Downing Street aides have stressed that “Everyone knows he is the key to selling the end of the lockdown to voters.

“This is the biggest decision he will ever take and he knows the implications are vast for millions of families. There is no way he will be on the sidelines.”

The aides also stated that  stand-in Dominic Raab will not hand over until Mr Johnson fully recovers.

But the PM can’t wait to get back to work, and has set his sights on returning before May 11 when the extended lockdown is due to end — and critical decisions must be taken on the next step forward concerning the global crisis on everyone’s hands.

Boris Johnson has since tested negative to Covid19 and is expected to take on his role in governance.