President Trump Excited About Claims He Is ‘Heaven’s Sent’


Amid the impeachment brouhaha currently rocking President Donald Trump, the President took to social media to share a post that claimed he was heaven-sent to the American people.

 Trump shared the post on his personal Twitter handle on Friday, December 27 and  reposted  on his Instagram page.

According to The Independent UK reports on the post shared by Trump, its claimed that the immediate past President Barack Obama, ‘kicked Jesus out’ of the country while Trump Welcomed him back.

An old post  from January 2018, had a picture of a man presumed to be Jesus Christ and a caption saying: “Obama kicked me out. Trump invited me back.”

The post was captioned thus: “I truly believe this man was heaven sent in order to save and protect the most gracious, benevolent, and in turn, a prosperous country ever,” May God bless him and his family.  from all indications its clearly talking about to  Mr Trump.