Princess Shyngle, Gambian Nollywood Actress With Smallest Waist In Africa Ribs Removal Surgery Cost Confirmed


The actress took to the social media few days ago to confirm the surgeries she did and how much each costs.

Here is the exact cost of her surgeries.

“They say I did rib removal surgery which is worth over $50,000. Tummy tuck and lipo worth $20,000. Hip and butt implant worth $18,000.

“Breast implants worth $21,000 lol so in total I have over $100,000 worth of surgery done on my body. Omggg y’all better put respect on my name from now on because my body is literally more expensive than ya’all bank account put together”.

How can she remove her small intestines and still be living, that can never happen.

Perhaps the report is not true.

Hope Shyngle can pay more attention to her spiritual life and take care of the emotional instability issue behind her threesuicide. attempts.

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