Privacy Violation: A Viral Photo Of Alex Rodriguez In The Toilet Not Nice


A  photo of former baseball star Alex Rodriguez sitting on the toilet which is suppose to be private has gone viral on the internet.


The photo was taken in his  $17.5 million New York City home and has set tongues wagging on the issue of privacy infringement,and how far people can go prying on others.


The person who took the photos couldn’t be identified, but it obviously was taken from a building close to A Rod’s residence that happens to be the park Avenue building next door according to page six’s report.


In that photo,he was seen sitting in the toilet in his white marble lavatory,wearing a  blue shirt  and looking at his phone.

Alex Rodriguez’s  intention to press charges could hit a brick wall, according to legal experts, it will be a herculean task  when it comes to  capturing the creeper  with prying eyes and a zoom lens.

Brad Shear a top sports and privacy lawyer who runs the consultancy Digital Group says

“Under current case law, he has no case,”

  “Under New York law, you better put your blinds down. He’s lucky he wasn’t standing there buck naked.”

“Alex’s lawyers are on top of the situation,” a source tells Page Six.

“The photo was obviously taken from the building next door, from a floor possibly parallel to Alex’s apartment.”