Ronaldinho finally released from Paraguayan prison after been incarcerated for five months


The world’s renowned footballer, Ronaldinho, is officially free to walk away free after being released from jail after spending five months in a Paraguayan detention facility over a forged passport.

His brother Roberto de Assis  Moreira was also released by Judge Gustavo Amarilla after he been held for a month in jail and another four months under house arrest in a hotel in Paraguay’s capital, Asuncion, for the same charge.

The Judge ruled that the 40-year-old former Barcelona player “is free to travel to whatever country in the world he wants but he must inform us if he changes his permanent residence” for a period of one year, the judge said

He has no restrictions except for the fulfillment of reparations for damage to society.”

 The footballer star Ronaldinho accepted the terms of his release, which include payment of $90,000 damages. His brother, who is also Ronaldinho’s business manager, must pay $110,000.

The pair are also expected to appear before a judge in Brazil every three months — Ronaldinho for a year and his brother for two.

The World Cup winner was detained alongside his brother Roberto de Assis Moreira on March 6, after they were accused of entering Paraguay in possession of false passports.

They spent a month behind bars before paying a $1.6 million bail and being released to house arrest at the plush Palmaroga Hotel in the historic center of the Paraguayan capital Asuncion.

Judge Gustavo Amarilla has fixed August 24 to hear the case against the brothers.

Prosecutors have submitted a proposal to the judge that would see Ronaldinho, 40, pay a $90,000 fine “to repair social damage” but be allowed to return home to Brazil where he would have to appear before a judge every three months for a year.

Ronaldinho denies having any knowledge the passports were fake.

His brother who allegedly knew about the false passports would have to pay a $110,000 fine and appear before a judge every three months for two years.

Prosecutors also asked for a two-year suspended prison sentence for Roberto de Assis Moreira, who is also Ronaldinho’s business manager.

The brothers arrived in Paraguay on March 4 without any issues, with Ronaldinho, 2005 Ballon d’Or winner, due to take part in an event in support of disadvantaged children.

However, shortly after their arrival, the pair were taken into police custody when investigators raided their hotel following the discovery they had fake documents,

The investigation has since expanded into a case of possible money laundering.