Ronaldinho pays £1.3m bond to regain his freedom


Brazilian legend Ronaldinho has been released from the Paraguay prison were he was being incarcerated following  his fake passport palaver according to Sportinglife.

He was sentenced to six months behind bars for allegedly trying to enter the South American country with fake passport.

The 40 year-old is out of prison  on the condition  that he will completes his sentence in a hotel and stay within the boundaries of the hotel.

The former Barcelona AC Milan midfielder  will remain under house arrest at the Hotel Palmaroga, at the Paraguayan capital city, Asuncion.

Ronaldinho and his elder brother Roberto 49, were released from prison after just 32 days of what was meant to be a six-month sentence.

Report claims they had met with Judge Gustavo Amarillo earlier on Tuesday for a sentencing review hearing, which finally lead them to pay the sum of  a £1.3million  as bond for their release from prison.

It was there Ronaldinho and his brother learned of their house arrest in a Paraguay hotel.

On March 6, the brothers committed an offence by entering Paraguay with forged travel documents.

However they have maintained they are not guilty of the charges.