Sarah Blakely Reveals What Its Like Been Ignored At The Red Carpet


Ceo of Spanx Sarah Blakely decided to open up on how it was when her husband urged her to walk the red carpet at an event in NYC, according to her been ignored feels like cricket.

Normally on red carpets, Paparazzi takes pictures of stylishly dressed celebrities, so it took her by surprise when no one took her pictures, on top of that, someone actually thought she was someone else… quite hilarious.

Did i hear you say “She is  kinda a big dill.”

Her WORds:

No… seriously, I’m a big dill. ?

Reminds me of the time my husband convinced me to walk the red carpet at an event in NYC and no one took my picture. It was like crickets. ??.

Finally someone at the end of the red carpet started yelling “ma’am,” “ma’am.” I was so relieved at least someone wanted to interview me! Halfway through the interview he says my comments on the  show were very controversial.

Really? Huh? Turns out he wasn’t yelling “ma’am”, he was yelling “Ann.” Omg! He thought I was Ann Coulter. ? Like I said, “I’m kinda a big dill.”