Saudi Arabia temporarily halts International flight over Coronavirus 


Following an upsurge in cases of Covid 19 across the world, Saudi Arabia has temporarily stopped all international flights for a week amid fears over a highly infectious new mutant strain of the novel coronavirus which has been discovered in Britain, an Interior Ministry source has confirmed.

The ban, which came into effect on Sunday, also applies to the entry of passengers to the Kingdom through land and seaports, Gulf News quoted the source as saying.

“These procedures will be reviewed in light of the developments related to the pandemic, and what is received from the Ministry of Health,” the source said in a statement.

Foreign flights that are currently in the Saudi territory will be exempt and will be allowed to leave, the source said.

The source further said that the Saudi ban excludes the movement of goods, commodities, and supply chains from countries where the mutated virus has not appeared.

Saudi Arabia’s decision came after several European nations, including Italy, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands have banned flights to and fro from the UK after a report of the mutant strain, which has quickly spread across London and the southeast of England.