Scary, ….Woman survives horrible attack by a snake as she settles down to use her toilet

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It was a scary moment for a woman when she was attacked by a huge snake in her toilet as she settled to use it.

The incidence occured in Thailand according to the woman’s daughter who recounted the ordeal.

It was indeed a near death experience for her as the hideous reptile sank its fangs into her thigh, which caused her to bleed profusely loosing so much blood.

The victims daughter Chunya Sittiwichai, took to Facebook to try and give a graphic details of how the horrible attack occured, she noted that the snake was coiled in the toilet before her mother got in.

Chunya said her mother attempted to free herself from the snake who had already sank its fangs on her thighs, but he reptile fastened itself to her mother’s thighs as blood gushed out.

According to Chunya, her mother’s scream drew their attention (herself and her brother) to the toilet, before she got a hammer and a knife  to kill the beast.

She explained: “My mom used the cutter on the snake but the skin was so rough that she accidentally cut herself about 3cm deep.

“My mom almost lost consciousness while the snake continued squeezing.

“I don’t know how but my mother finally got the snake to stop biting her.

“She pushed the head on the floor and screamed for my brother to get a hammer and after some hitting the snake finally stopped squeezing. My brother pulled her out of the toilet and locked the snake inside.”

The woman was taken to hospital and treated with stitches for her bite wound.

Chunya added: “My mom is so brave, I would have fainted in the toilet.

“I learned to always look at the toilet before using it even if it seems impossible for a snake to be inside.”