Scott Disick and Sophie Richie’s relationship ends


Reality star Kourtney Kardashian’s ex and father of her kids Scott Disick and Sophia Richie has called it quit on their relationship TMZ reports.

TMZ also reports that the pair are not just taking a break or having relationship issues, but done for good this time.

Sources close to the former lovebirds told TMZ that while Scott Disick and Sofia Richie have been trying to work things out for the past few months, they’ve officially broken up following their initial split back in the early days of the coronavirus shutdowns.

Scott entered rehab not long after they went bike-riding together on the beach in April, and then there were other signs they were about to split.

The media outlet reported; “However, our sources say she was the one really pushing to get back together with Scott … it just didn’t happen. We’re told Scott recently called it off definitively, and they’re no longer on speaking terms.

As for what led to the breakup … our sources say the 15-year age difference became a growing source of friction, as well as Scott’s family commitments. We’re told he’s also seeking a quieter lifestyle to focus on his business ventures … and it didn’t mesh well with Sofia’s life.”

Scott has been in a relationship with Sophie since he ended thing with Kourtney Kardashian.

One thought on “Scott Disick and Sophie Richie’s relationship ends”

  1. The best thing that has happened for Sophia, is that she is no longer under the guise of Scott Disick andthe Kardashian family. She was and is way to young to be mixed up with him and his extended family.
    Her Dad should be happy about this, and she should have listened to her Dad and never gotten involved with Scott. I hope she can move on for her sake and find someone who will really love her and protect her in their relationship.

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