See how this Thai hospital is protecting their new born from COVID19


New born babies are the most vulnerable during this Covid19 pandemic sweeping across the world, some hospitals across the world has put up to measures to protect both mother and child, one of such hospitals is the Paolo Hospital in the Samut Prakan province of Thailand.

In photos that surfaced on the internet, the babies  were seen at the delivery ward of the hospital  all dressed up in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

The visor-shaped protection covered the babies’ faces, with the purpose of shielding them from unnecessary human’s touches  and entry of the virus into their system.

“We have extra protection measures for little ones and friends, with face shield for newborns. So cute!” the hospital wrote on their Facebook post. “Congratulations to all mothers and dads.

As Nations around the world continues to take the needed step in curbing the spread of the virus,  Thai prime Minister  announced a night-time curfew across the country, saying people had to adapt to survive.

While movement are restricted, those excepted are those  transporting medical supplies and health workers travelling to and from work, prime minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said.

We prioritize health over freedom,’ said Prayuth.