Senator Florence Ita Giwa kneels to beg angry youths in her local dialect|Video


Nigerian Senator Florence Ita Giwa has appealed to the rioting youths in her home state of Cross River to shield their swords and give peace a chance.

In a viral video, the senator was on her knees begging the youths to forgive the older politicians who obviously have failed the younger generation.

This is coming after the END SARS protest organized by the youths in Calabar almost turned violent last week after a group of thugs reportedly sponsored by yet to be identified individuals tried to disrupt the peaceful protest.

Florence has now been filmed kneeling down and begging the youths for forgiveness in her local dialect.

“I know we have wronged you. The generation of today has suffered. The big people have wronged you. Nigerian politics has failed you. But please forgive us. Forgive the big people. Forgive the politicians” she said.

See the video: