“She needs to be regularly serviced, —FFK shares hot tips on how to keep your woman…

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  • June 16, 2020
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Former aviation minister and social critic has bared his mind on how to make a marriage work after been married in the past to several women.

He seems to have outgrown his shortcomings and now knows better…

His Tweets:

Ladies are like racehorses: they must be mastered, tamed, trained, exercised and regularly serviced. They are like race cars: their engine must be revved at least twice a day.

They are like precious jewels and rare gems: they must be cherished, shielded, guarded, protected and defended.

They are like little children: they must be given attention, pampered, encouraged, loved, made to feel on top of the world, and given everything that they need and want.

They are like magnificent works of art: they must be appreciated and valued.

If you want to keep a lady, live for her alone, worship the ground she walks on, treat her like a Queen, tolerate and accept her idiosyncrasies, weaknesses and excesses and love her for who and what she is, warts and all!

And one more thing: once in a while write her a romantic poem, serve her breakfast in bed, give her flowers, buy her the most expensive and exotic perfumes, take her shopping and in the evening cook a candle-lit dinner for her.

Do all this and she will stand with you through thick and thin.

That’s my secret and that’s the key.