‘She was an extraordinary lady”…..Richard Branson pays tribute to late mother who died of Covid19 complications

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Billionaire Richard Branson has paid a touching tribute to his late mother Eve, who died of Coronavirus complication saying she was an ‘extraordinary woman’. He revealed this in a heartfelt statement on  Twitter on Monday.

She was aged 96.

Branson 70, revealed his mum, gave him £100 to start his business when he had nothing.

Speaking about his loss on a TV talk show on Thursday, Richard gushed that he was a ‘lucky son’ to have been able to name Virgin Galactic’s mothership after her.

Richard also credited Eve with helping him launch his company Virgin and reflected on her incredible life.

He said: ‘Well, first of all pretty much every family in Britain has been touched by Covid. So our family is no different from any other.

‘She was an extraordinary woman like most mums are. I owe Virgin to her, we didn’t have any money. One day she found a necklace in Guildford high street.

‘She took it to police and three months later given it back. She sold it for £100 and gave the money to me, I was 16 at the time.

‘She was an extraordinary lady. In the second World War, she dressed up as a man to become a glider pilot. She got away for it for a few months despite being a very attractive glider pilot.’

When asked what his mum thought about his business, Richard replied: ‘I think she was proud. The mothership Virgin Galactic will be taking people to space, and myself, in a few month’s time.

‘It’s called Eve after her. I’m lucky to be a son who can take his mum to such an event and unveil it and let her see that the mothership is named Eve after her.

‘She was proud but we were even more proud of her she set up foundations in Morocco. She was teaching people to learn crafts… I’m lucky, she was extraordinary.

Richard revealed his mother’s death on Twitter and wrote in a post: ‘I’m sorry to share that, sadly like a lot of people’s mums and dads right now in these days of Covid, my mum Eve has also passed away.

‘Rather than mourn her loss, I wanted to celebrate her wonderful life & the joy she brought to so many.’

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