Hushpuppi collaborated with North Korean bank robbers—FBI

February 21, 2021

328 ViewsThe case involving former Nigerian big boy and Instagram celebrity  Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, a.k.a Hushpuppi, is seriously gathering momentum as the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI has linked him, to North Korean hackers said to be the biggest bank robbers in the world. The Justice Department in a lengthy statement released on Friday, February 19, alleged […]

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Convicted fraudster Okeke to under rehabilitation over his ‘Fraud Mentality’ judge orders

February 20, 2021

204 ViewsConvicted Nigerian entrepreneur, Obinwanne Okeke, who was on Tuesday sentenced by a U.S. court to 10 years in prison for multi-million-dollar wire fraud will be undergoing treatment for ‘fraud mentality and drug abuse’. A judge of an Eastern District court of Virginia, Rebecca Smith, ordered Mr. Okeke to be incarcerated in a medical facility where […]

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