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Neighbors tell a woman to stop screaming like a pig during s3x

January 16, 2021

102 ViewsA woman has revealed she was shamed by her neighbors for “screaming like a pig” during s3x. The woman, from the UK, who goes under the screen name @sharpbyname8, explained that after a night of passion she received an angry note from one of her neighbors. Sharing a picture of the hand-written letter to […]

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Indonesian Nurse Suspended After He Stripped Himself Off PPE To Secretly Have S3x With A Coronavirus Patient

December 31, 2020

125 ViewsA nurse in Indonesia has reportedly been suspended after admitting that he removed his personal protective equipment to have sex with a coronavirus patient. The two men were said to have snuck off to a toilet in a hospital for the rendezvous, which only came to light after the patient boasted about it on […]

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