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COVID19: Nigeria records 120 new cases with 145,399 discharged

March 15, 2021

119 Views120 new cases of Covid 19 in Nigeria. Lagos-32 Rivers-25 Kaduna-20 Bayelsa-13 Kano-7 Jigawa-5 Borno-5 Abia-4 Oyo-3 Plateau-2 FCT-1 Ogun-1 Nasarawa-1 Imo-1 160,657 confirmed 145,399 discharged 2,013 deaths.

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Nigeria receives its first batch of the Covid19 vaccines

March 3, 2021

217 ViewsNigeria has received 3.94 million doses of the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine, manufactured by the Serum Institute of India(SII) and shipped via the COVAX Facility. The vaccines arrived in the country on Tuesday the 2nd of February. The United Nations(UN) system in Nigeria disclosed this in a statement made available to the News Agency of Nigeria […]

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COVID19: Nigeria records 149,369 confirmed cases with 1787

February 18, 2021

171 Views869 new cases of Covid19 in Nigeria Lagos-229 Rivers-79 Taraba-73 Oyo-66 Ogun-60 FCT-58 Plateau-56 Kwara-38 Ondo-38 Osun-24 Kano-22 Nasarawa-21 Abia-19 Edo-19 Akwa Ibom-19 Cross River-10 Delta-9 Benue-8 Ekiti-6 Borno-6 Katsina-4 Bauchi-3 Bayelsa-1 Zamfara-1 869 new cases of #COVID19Nigeria; Lagos-229Rivers-79Taraba-73Oyo-66Ogun-60FCT-58Plateau-56Kwara-38Ondo-38Osun-24Kano-22Nasarawa-21Abia-19Edo-19Akwa Ibom-19Cross River-10Delta-9Benue-8Ekiti-6Borno-6Katsina-4Bauchi-3Bayelsa-1Zamfara-1 — NCDC (@NCDCgov) February 17, 2021

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Zimbabwe receives first batch of Covid 19 vaccines, vaccinations starts this week president says

February 16, 2021

170 ViewsZimbabwe has received its first batch of Covid19 vaccines. The vaccines according to the President’s tweets arrived from China, Russia, India, and the UK. This was made known on Monday, February 15 by  President  Emmerson Mnangagwa.   President Mnangagwa in his tweet revealed that the country will commence COVID-19 vaccination this week.   He […]

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Covid19: Nigeria records 136,030 confirmed cases with 1632 deaths

February 5, 2021

60 Views1340 new cases of #COVID-19 in Nigeria FCT-320 Lagos-275 Rivers-117 Oyo-100 Akwa Ibom-57 Ogun-51 Ebonyi-48 Benue-44 Adamawa-42 Imo-38 Kwara-35 Gombe-32 Kaduna-31 Edo-29 Osun-29 Kano-24 Ekiti-15 Katsina-14 Delta-13 Nasarawa-13 Jigawa-10 Sokoto-3

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COVID19: Nigeria records 676 new cases with 1,67 deaths

February 2, 2021

99 Views676 new cases of Covid 19 in Nigeria Lagos-227 Rivers-73 Niger-69 Plateau-56 FCT-50 Kano-44 Oyo-43 Ogun-27 Gombe-18 Ondo-15 Enugu-10 Osun-10 Cross River-8 Edo-8 Nasarawa-7 Bauchi-4 Kaduna-3 Ekiti-2 Zamfara-2 131,918 confirmed 106,275 discharged 1,607 deaths.

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