Local woman caught breastfeeding snake, while asking it to deal with her enemies

March 18, 2021

255 ViewsResidents of Nenohwe Village in Zimbabwe have reportedly been left in shock after a woman was caught at her friend’s house breastfeeding a giant snake. The Manica Post reported that Gogo Nenohwe was spotted by a 12-year-old girl as she breastfed the snake while uttering names of fellow villagers whom she wanted her pet […]

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Woman who takes her bath once in two months shares her experiences|Video

November 30, 2020

174 ViewsA Lady who claims she is allergic to water,  reveals she only takes her bath once in two months as she shares her story on social media. Tessa Hansen Smith is a 22-year-old student from California in the United States. She has a rare condition called Aquagenic urticaria in which hives develop rapidly when […]

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