Taiwan Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage Amid Jubilations


There was jubilations in the air among the gay community in Taiwan as Lawmakers  approved a bill legalizing same-sex marriage making the Asian island the first place in Asia to pass gay marriage legislation.

 Thousands of people ignored the heavy down pour on Friday to support and show solidarity  in favor of same-sex marriage outside the parliament, where lawmakers were voting on three draft bills.

They carried umbrellas, rainbow flags and rainbow placards, in the capital Taipei in support of  freedom to love and marriage equality.

Prior to this time, the Island’s Constitutional Court ruled that the existing law, stipulates that marriage between straight couple was unconstitutional. The panel of judges gave the island’s parliament two years to amend or enact new laws.

Over the weekend, barely  a week off the two-year deadline given them, The lawmakers in Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan passed the bill legalizing   same-sex marriage,  and it will go into full effect on May 24 2019.

 The Cabinent’s bill was supported by the LGBTQ community as a whole, their allies, and groups despite the fact it created a law different to straight marriage.

For instance, under Cabinet’s bill, a Taiwanese citizen  could not marry foreigners from countries where same-sex marriage is not legal.

 The issue of marriage equality has divided Taiwanese society for a very long time.

In a controversial referendum in November of 2018, 67%  of the citizens voted to reject same-sex marriage, even with the large gay community, supporters,  and their very impressive gay pride parades,which happens to be the biggest in the continent.