Tamar Braxton denies physically abusing ex-boyfriend David Adefeso


Singer and reality star Tamar Braxton 43, has reacted to the claims made by her ex-boyfriend David Adefeso that she attacked him.

The mother of one in an interview with Tamron Hall denied that she had been physically abusive with Adefeso, who claimed she hit him in the jugular while he was driving. Braxton said that Adefeso has a video of the incident and urged him to release it.

“I am a survivor a domestic violence relationship, she says. “And not at any point [were] David and I in an abusive relationship.”

Just last month, Adefeso filed for a restraining order against Braxton. At the time, he spoke out in a lengthy video posted on his YouTube channel, detailing the incident.

“For those of you who know about medicine and the jugular, that’s what carries blood to your brain. When you’re hit there, it discombobulates you. I thought I was going to crash. I was driving fast,” Adefeso said.

Adefeso claimed that his Rolls-Royce was ‘destroyed’ in the incident, and he claimed that he was a victim of domestic violence who had never attacked or abused Braxton.

In her interview with Hall, Braxton said that both audio and video recordings of the incident exist. “I voice-recorded it, he videotaped it,” she said. “He has a camera in his car.”

Hall asked Braxton if the video or voice recording showed any physical abuse.

“No, it doesn’t,” Braxton replied. “He has the videotape. He has it. It was in his car. Release it.”

Growing emotional, she continues, “No, let me tell you something, I loved David. He was my best friend. He was an amazing, amazing partner. He was my son’s best friend as well, they were best friends. And it’s just so hard because, through everything else, I never expected this from him. Now, I have to be real with myself, is he acting like this because he found me the way that he found me? Probably, I don’t know.”

A rep for Adefeso disputed Braxton’s account and again accused her of “punching him so hard” while he was driving that he “almost crashed his car.” The rep added, “The DA is investigating the incident and Mr. Adefeso is forced to serve her publicly by taking out an ad in the Los Angeles Times Since she has dodged being served the DVTRO.