The conflicting shadows of the Nigeria forthcoming election


I can see the world standing still for Nigeria presidential election come February 2019. I can hear the voices of past heroes in the great world beyond contemplating for who may stand in gap for the living.

A battle between Mr integrity and Mr prosperity. Between invader and crusader of corruption.

Remember is fair in love and war; as a man’s mind cannot be seen in his face. The salient issues is that, the seat must be occupy by one out of the duo. We have tasted the two either as a vice president, and the other as a presido. Here they again, but no wise person in his right senses test the deep of a river with his two feet. Lets forget those forcing themselves on us and try the new found people.

For our God said ” forget ye the former things, for I will do a new thing. New people, New party. It only takes a good men to rule a nation, not just a good laws, if men are bad who will abide by the laws?. Ask wisely, vote wisely.


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