The Fall Out Of Open Marriage


Can two walk together except they be in agreement? Agreement and acceptance are the first and vital aspects before a relationship begins. You will agree with me that you have to be in agreement with a person, there must be some level of acceptance within you towards that individual before you can talk about falling in love. Are there objections to this?, rarely. For the married, would you and your partner agree to keep it open? What kind of decisions can you make in your relationship as a couple? Would you agree with your spouse or significant other to keep other relationships outside while still in a committed relationship with you? Your answers brings us to the subject matter.

What is open marriage: It is a kind of arrangement were both partners agree that each can have sexual relations with others, simply put each lover is not limited to one lover but can keep several lovers. The term open marriage may sometimes refers to polyamory. The word polyamory covers various forms of non-monogamous, multi-partner relationships.

Open relationship has been practiced in different forms such as those in which you and your partner engage in romantic relationship with other people, it also entails a situation were one party is polyamorous and the other is not.

Swinging is also a form of open arrangements practiced by lovers for fun, recreation and adventure. It involves group sex or swapping of sexual partners within a circle on regular or habitual bases. Some lovers consider swinging as a healthy way to strengthen their relationship and to bond.

The value of marriage: Marriage is an institution created by God for two adults to ensure that they live together, procreate and build a home for themselves and family. Open marriage negates the purpose of marriage and it’s an aberration for people in solid committed relationships, it violates the principles of marriage. With this concept of open marriage I can’t help but wonder if marriage should even exist. A married person plans on sleeping around or seeking emotional attachments to strangers. Why get married in the first instance? You want to belong to the league of the married or to impress your friends?, no need for you.

Of course you have the right to live the way you like. It’s a choice you make for yourself. But I can’t imagine what would lead a couple to keep an open marriage. I would sincerely like polyamorous people to understand that there is order in nature. The world doesn’t revolve solely around sexual ecstasy and experimentation. Humans aren’t wired for such a toxic lifestyle. It’s weird to know that some polyamory movement are clamoring for the legal right to marry more than one person.

Open marriage is immaturity personified; it’s unreasonable and ridiculous for couples who engage in it because they miss the entire point of what it means to be married. Now I am 100% against it. I don’t care how people in such relationship would want to defend it or make claims that it works for them, it only shows their lack of self-control, ignorance and living in self deceit. I don’t care about the claims they make, the so called thrills, gratification and excitements, the freedom or whatever. Open arrangements comes with risk factors like health implications. Ugly and terrible role model for your kids. Excuses me, is this what you really want to teach your kids? Shameless example to your neighbors and friends. Pregnancy as a result of sleeping with five different men, its Morally wrong and against religious and societal tenets. It’s imperative to note that not all freedom is beneficial, boundaries are important for human behaviour and choices in order to curb or curtail untamed tendencies. Polyamorous people tend to sweep their jealousy under the carpet. That is when they fail to understand that jealousy is one of the life wire in a relationship. If God is jealous, why shouldn’t we?.

*This also applies to open relationship.

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