This is pure deceit, you have no shop—-Actress Doris Ogala berates colleague Uche Elendu


Actress Doris Ogala has called out her colleague, Uche Elendu over a certain looted store she says belongs to her.

Uche had posted on her Instagram page lamenting how her shop was vandalized and according to her goods worth over N100M were looted by miscreants.

Doris however said she knows the owners of the shops and called  Uche out asking her to edit her post and include the names of the real owners, else she will EXPOSE her. She says it’s bad enough that Nigerians are feeling pains, and someone trying to take advantage of the situation to enrich herself won’t be acceptable.

She wrote; “Thank your stars say someone I know told me to pull it. @Ucheelendu I give you 1 minute to edit your post and out the rightful owners of that shop. Or I’ll post it to expose it.

“This is not nice, I know the owners of those shops. This is pure deceit. People should stop taking advantage of the situation. Ah ah. We lost a lot of people. Kindly mention the shop owners if not I will repost and expose it.