Thomas Markle ex-Wife Blast Meghan for letting Dad into baby Archie’s life,

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The  Duchess of Sussex and her Husband Prince Harry welcomed their first child on the 6th of May, Congratulatory messages from all over the world has greeted the new born named  Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor but Meghan’s father ex wife Roslyn frowns at  Meghan for involving her father,Thomas Markle Sr  in the life of  her newborn son.


Roslyn Markle, 73,  leveled several allegations against ex husband Thomas Markle, saying  he is an “awful father”to his children, adding that the Duchess of Sussex would be a ‘fool’ to entertain her father in her life and that of her son Archie.


She said: ‘Repeatedly he has shown to Meghan he cannot be trusted. She must know that now. I speak not out of bitterness, my life moved on many years ago, but out of concern.

‘Archie deserves to be brought up in a happy home, not in this vengeful situation that has been created.’

Roslyn also claims that during her marriage with  Thomas Markle he disrespected her and dated other women, abused drugs and even  refused to provide basic needs for his family which prompted her  to shoplift just to meet up in taking care of her kids.

Their marriage lasted only for 11 years, from 1964 to 1975, having met at a house party in Chicago in 1963.

According to Rosylyn she met Thomas when he was 20 and working at WTTW studios,at that time she was a clerk at the Illinois Railroad Company.

 Roslyn told the Mirror that soon he was ‘screaming’ abuse at her and would ‘often lose his temper’,she also claim he often spewed racist abuse at her.


Rosyln said she stopped working to look after their daughter Samantha, and often times Thomas used it against her when she needed money to foot bills for her child.


Even after they  welcomed son Thomas Jnr, Roslyn says their marriage too a noose dive for even worse situation as Thomas made it a duty to be hostile and tormented her.


She claimed Thomas drove her and the children to his mum’s house in Pennsylvania and ‘abandoned’ them there to enjoy life as a bachellor in Chicago so he could have a chance to make out with different women.


She said his parents catered to the needs of the children,but it wasn’t easy on them  and eventually he ‘reluctantly’ came to collect them.

Now back together as a family, Roslyn claims Thomas again retreated to his old ways of maltreating and abandoning his family hence she became so desperate that she resorted to stealing to survive.

   She said: ‘It got so bad that one day I had nothing to feed the kids with, I went down the local corner store and got some food. ‘I put some items on top of Jnr’s blanket, but I put many ­underneath it. I am so ashamed, but I had to steal, it was the only way I could feed them.’


 Roslyn claimed  that Thomas  bad attitude increased even more as he became a chronic womanizer,and often times slept out only to return at 10am “smelling of women” having a shower, changing and going to work.’

According to Roslyn, his unbearable attitude took another dimension, when one Christmas he came home late in the morning as usual after the children had already opened their presents and hurled insults on her mother.


 Roslyn also stated that he used to be high on cocaine,Thomas agreed on  this one, he admitted to have had an ‘occasional sniff’  last year.

Roslyn said she was finally able to leave the abusive marriage after she confided in a friend who helped her out.

Thomas Markle denies all the allegations his ex wife made against him,stating that Roslyn  accusations were ‘not valid’, adding that his children Samantha and Tom Jnr had since both left her to live with him instead.

He Claimed they left their mother as a result of Roslyn’s ‘bad habits and abuse’.

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