Tinubu, Others Should Return Their Loot First—–Reno Omokri To Nigerian Governors


Former presidential spokesperson and activist Reno Omokri has applauded the move by the government to have looters return all they stole from various warehouses across the country.

According to him, returning the loots shouldn’t just end with citizens who broke into warehouses carting away bags of rice and other food items but should also involve the politicians and their godfathers who have looted the nation’s treasury over time thereby crippling the economy and making the masses so poor.

He wrote: I applaud the various governors who have given looters 72 hours to return looted properties. I hope they know that this just includes their godfather, Bola Tinubu, and other serving and ex-leaders, who have looted their states dry.

You should not ask those who looted food to return their loot, while not asking the same of those who looted government coffers, and made the masses so poor, to the extent that they have to loot #COVID19 palliatives, that should have been distributed to them in the first place. Those who come to equity must come with clean hands.