Trump asked Pennsylvania House Speaker, Bryan Cutle for assistance in reversing election results – New report says


All attempts by US President Donald Trump to overturn the November 3 election result has turned out to be an effort in futility as a new report by The Washington Post, says the President called the speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives twice asking for assistance in changing his electoral loss in the state.

With the electoral college expected to cast vote on December 14, the winner of the U.S. presidential election is yet to be officially declared, but all major U.S. media outlets have named Democrat Joe Biden the winner.

Trump and his desperate legal team have so far failed to provide concrete evidence in court to change the outcome of the election. Pennsylvania is the third state after Georgia and Michigan, where Trump has directly attempted to overturn the election results.

These three states have officially been declared for Biden, for Trump to automatically emerge as a  winner he will need to win the electoral college votes of those three states.

According to The Washington Post, the office of House Speaker confirmed calls between Trump and the Pennsylvania House speaker, Bryan Cutle.

A source briefed on the happenings said Trump mounted pressure on the state’s legislature to replace the electors for President-elect Joe Biden with those loyal to Trump.

 The source  spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity since he is not  authorized to speak publicly,

Cutler’s spokesperson, Mike Straub, says Trump did not pressure Cutler to take any sort of action; the call was informational.

Cutler and other top Republican lawmakers have said that, legally, the state legislature has no power to override the will of the voters and select a slate of presidential electors.

Trump’s attempts at forcing himself to remain in office has also not yielded result in Georgia and Michigan despite his calls on lawmakers to over tune the result of the election, the lawmakers vehemently refused to succumb.

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