Trump Concerned About Freed U S Tourist Urge Uganda Government To Find Kidnappers

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The tourist Kim Endicott who hails from California was released by her abductors over the weekend and was to be turned over to the U.S. ambassador Monday, Ugandan police said.

Ugandan Authorities reports that Endicott and her Ugandan driver were both safe, after staying five days in the custody of the abductors during which they were taken from Queen Elizabeth National Park across the border to Congo,

Trump pressed Uganda’s government to capture the culprits Monday,

tweeting: “Uganda must find the kidnappers of the American Tourist and guide before people will feel safe in going there. Bring them to justice openly and quickly!” Over the weekend Trump tweeted that he was pleased the tourist and guide had been released.

A spokesman for the Ugandan police  Fred Enanga said that he did not believe a ramsoon was paid,this he disclosed during a news  conference in  Kampala.

“I have indicated to you that we don’t do ransom,” he said Monday.

Although a Uganda-based tour official said,  that a ransom was paid to secure Endicott’s freedom.

The tourist was released, “not rescued,” after money was paid “otherwise she wouldn’t be back,”he said.

“Many officials, including from the U.S. Embassy, were involved in efforts to secure the release of the kidnapped victims, he said.He couldn’t say how much was paid or who paid.”

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said on Twitter that the security forces “shall deal with these isolated pockets of criminals.”

The kidnappers had demanded a $500,000 ransom after grabbing Endicott and her driver from a group of tourists on an evening game drive on April 2, police said.

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