Trump’s former aide Omarosa Newman predicts he will lose at the polls


A former aide to President Donald Trump Omarosa Onee Manigault Newman has predicted that her former boss will lose the election on Tuesday while predicting that that Trump’s arch-rival Joe Biden will win the presidential election and says she’ll be among those casting a ballot for the Democratic presidential nominee.

She made this known during an interview with  “Extra’s” Cheslie Kryst on Monday.

“I certainly believe that Biden-Harris will win on Tuesday,”

If Trump loses the White House race, he will “make life very, very difficult for us,” Manigault Newman said.

“It’s going to be a tumultuous transition. Trust me,” she added.

Asked  if she saw a change in Trump once he entered the White House, Manigault Newman replied, “The power went straight to his head.”

If Trump leaves the White House, does she believe First Lady Melania Trump will leave him? Omarosa claims, “This woman is going to divorce Donald J. Trump faster than you can say, ‘Goodbye, honey.’”

Kamala Harris has been positioned to make history as the most powerful woman in D.C. as Joe Biden’s vice president. Also, Harris is already both the first Black woman and a person of Indian descent on a major-party ticket.

Omarosa praised her, saying, “For me, it’s a very special moment… to see her go through this journey and end up where she is pretty remarkable. But it’s also very inspiring for me as a young politico who has seen how different it is to navigate those troubled waters.”

When questioned about who she would be voting for, Manigault Newman said, “I don’t think you should ever ask anyone who they voted for” before telling the entertainment news show, “Just know that I voted for the graduate of Howard University, because I’m a Bison through and through!

Omarosa was a former contestant on the Donald Trump-hosted “The Apprentice”, was hired by the then-real estate developer’s campaign in 2016, and later joined the White House. She left in 2017 and published a tell-all book, “Unhinged,” in 2018, which accused Mr.Trump of using racist and misogynist language about Black people and women.