Try Your Best To Make It Work–Cubana Chief Priest admonish the married (Video)


Popular barman Cubana Chief Priest has got one advice for the married, according to him try your best to make it work.

He reiterates that there is nothing sweeter than marriage as he shares new video of himself, his wife, and kids taking a road trip.

He captioned  the video: Make Dem No Deceive You There Is Nothing Sweeter Than Marriage.

Try Your Best To Make It Work, Family Is Golden Is The Sweetest Thing I Have Ever Seen, As You Can See Mine Is Perfectly Working We Just Dey Cruise? God Dey, Money Dey, Fame Dey, Loyalty, Love N Respect Dey The Only Thing Left Is My Baby Antho?, If You Like Dey There Dey MuMu, Make People Wey Their Own No Work Dey Deceive You. My Wife? Biko Call Me? I Get Antho? For You.

See the video: