UAE, Saudi Arabia deports Ethiopian workers’ over Covid19


The spread of coronavirus  around the world and specific countries has necessitated certain moves by these governments in order to contain the pandemic, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia has taken proactive steps by deporting thousands of Ethiopian migrants who they say were undocumented.

 The Arab nations said these are persons walking without permit in an efforts to contain the spread, Many of those returning are maids and domestic servants with low paid jobs.

The Ethiopians being deported are reported to be vulnerable to spreading the coronavirus with some showing symptoms and many without, but were not tested.

Ethiopian officials say more than 2,870 Ethiopian migrants have been deported just within the last month, they are expecting more deportations of up to 3,000 this month.

Ethiopia’s health minister, Lia Tadesse who has confirmed the mass deportation, said more than half of the confirmed cases of the covid-19 virus were those who recently traveled to Dubai

“Ethiopian workers in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Djibouti are being forced to flee to their country, a situation that is becoming a challenge to contain the virus,” said Tadesse.

However, Catherine Sozi, the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Ethiopia said “Large-scale migratory movements which are not planned make the transmission of the virus much more likely to continue. We are therefore calling for the temporary suspension of large-scale deportations.”

Ethiopia has confirmed at least 74 cases of the virus so far with three deaths.