UK’s PM Boris Johnson resumes work amid the pressing need to ease the lockdown


As the  U.K.’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson returns to work, he made it clear that  there would be no quick lifting of restrictions in the country, as he made his first public statement after recovering from a coronavirus infection.

Britons have  expressed impatience as they all want the lock down to be lifted, Boris addressing them said while  he recognized the urgency of lifting lockdown measures as soon as possible, he warned that “this is the moment of maximum risk” as he asked the public to contain their “impatience” with regards to the lockdown.

“We are passing through the peak,” Johnson said “We are on the brink of achieving that first great mission, to prevent our National Health Service (NHS) from being overwhelmed,” he said, adding that the country was “beginning to turn the tide” against the outbreak.

“There will be time to refine the restrictions and to fire up the engines of the economy,” Johnson said outside Downing Street, but he added “we cannot say when those changes will be made.”

Mr Johnson commended the  British public over their “grits and guts” in the phase of the ravaging pandemic, he also expressed appreciation to Foreign Minister Dominic Raab who has deputized for him while he recovered from  the lethal disease.