US election LIVE updates: Biden is one state away from victory as tensions continues to rise


Democratic challenger Joe Biden is one state away from presidential victory after winning Michigan, placing him six electoral votes away from the needed 270.

President Donald Trump won the battlegrounds of Florida, Ohio and Texas on election day, while Biden also won Wisconsin on Wednesday night.

If Biden wins the state of Nevada, that would award him the extra six Electoral College votes he needs to reach the crucial 270 targets.

The states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina are still in play, although Nevada’s electoral commission says it will not report any votes until 3 am Thursday US time.

On Wednesday, Trump falsely claimed victory in his tweets over Biden in the early hours of Wednesday (US time) when millions of votes remained uncounted.

His campaign has demanded a recount in Wisconsin and filed lawsuits to halt counting in Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania after the President repeatedly claimed that Biden’s gains were the result of electoral fraud.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday night and all through Thursday morning November  5, protests emerged in a number of locations across the US.

In Chicago and New York, Biden supporters marched in support of all votes being counted while in Michigan, Trump supporters have been unruly and marched to a counting center calling for the count to stop but in Arizona, they protested for the count to continue.

About 200 of Trump’s supporters, some armed with rifles and handguns, gathered outside an election office in Phoenix, Arizona, following rumors that votes were not being counted.

In Detroit, electoral officials blocked about 30 people, mostly Republicans, from entering a vote-counting facility amid unfounded claims that the vote count in Michigan was fraudulent

Police have also arrested 11 people and seized weapons in Portland, Oregon after reports of rioting, while arrests were also made in New York, Denver and Minneapolis.