US Election: Supreme court rejects Texas challenge


The US Supreme Court announced Friday it won’t weigh a challenge brought by the state of Texas against four battleground states over the November 3rd election won by Presumptive President-elect Joseph R. Biden.

The justices rejected the case, which argued Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Michigan officials altered their state election laws without approval from state legislatures.

Texas filed the action at the high court, arguing the constitution permits the justices to settle disputes between states. The Lone Star State said the other states’ conduct diluted Texas’ 38 electoral votes for President Trump.

The four battleground states, though, had urged the court not to hear the case, charging it was not grounded in law or facts. They said the state of Texas didn’t suffer an injury sufficient for bringing the court action.

Joseph R. Biden won the four swing states, flipping them blue after Mr. Trump had carried them in 2016.

At least 16 other red states had supported Texas’ lawsuit.

President Trump had oftentimes on Friday urged the high court publicly to rule in his favor, a desperate move which ended in futility.