US Election: Trump tells Republicans to ‘get tough’.


Following US President Donald Trump’s continued refusal to accept the outcome of the November 3 election, it has led to series of provocative comments from him, he is now urging members of his party,  the Republican Party to ‘get tough’.

He stated this on Friday via his official Twitter handle. “Get tough Republicans,” he wrote.

Trump has consistently accused democrats of stealing the election without providing concrete evidence, according to him the election was rigged to favor Biden, describing it as a ‘total fraud’.

He had tweeted, “This election was rigged. This election was a total fraud,” without backing up his claim. “We won the election easily.”

However, all his tweets on electoral fraud is been flagged by Twitter.

Joe Biden defeated Trump with over 80 million in the popular vote and got  306  in the electoral college vote while Trump got 232.

A candidate must reach 270 in the electoral college to be declared the winner.

Biden is expected to be sworn-in by January 2020 despite Trump’s desperate moves to discredit his win.

What is Donald Trump up to with his comment? to instigate violence I guess.