US election Update: Electoral college confirms Biden as winner of the Nov.3 election


The electoral college has confirmed the victory of President-elect Joe Biden in the November 3 US election.

The electors carried out their constitutional duty Monday night as part of the steps required for Mr. Biden to take office as the 46th President of the United States.

Under the US electoral system, voters actually cast their ballot for electors who will in turn formally vote for candidates of the election weeks after the elections.

Democrat Joe Biden won the election with 306 electoral college votes to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump who scored 232 electoral votes.

Joe Biden in one of his speeches after the announcement said the US democracy has seen “push, test and threat” yet it proved to be “something that can recover quickly from difficult conditions, true and strong”.


President Donald Trump, who vehemently rejected the election result alleging massive fraud is yet to officially make any fresh comment on the electoral college votes. 


Shortly after the result [Electoral College electors officially confirm Joe Biden’s election victory against President Donald Trump]  The president announced on Twitter that Attorney General William Barr will be resigning from his administration.


Recall that Barr had earlier said there is no evidence of widespread fraud in the election contrary to the President’s claims. 


Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has finally congratulated Joe Biden for winning the American Presidential election after the electoral college confirmed his win.


Putin earlier said he will wait for the confirmation of the final result before congratulating the winner