US tech entrepreneur, Jennifer Arcuri says she had an affair with UK prime minister Boris Johnson


US tech entrepreneur, Jennifer Arcuri has reportedly admitted having an affair with UK prime minister  Boris Johnson after allegations that he used his position as London mayor to get the businesswoman favorable treatment. Read here.

Though the Prime Minister avoided a criminal investigation after the police watchdog found no evidence that he influenced the payment of thousands of pounds of public money to her or secured her participation in foreign trade trips he led, Daily Mail however reported that Arcuri admitted having an affair with Mr Johnson while he was with his then-wife Marina Wheeler.

She said in an interview;


“I think that goes without saying …It’s pretty much out there … But I’m not going to talk about it.”


In the interview in Kentucky where she is visiting family, she also discussed being bombarded by his “avalanches of passion”. When asked if she loved him, she is quoted saying;


“At the time I cared for him very deeply, but I never used the L word. I wouldn’t have recognised being in love. I cared very much about this man and I think that’s resolutely clear. That’s all I want to say.”

Arcuri is currently married to Matthew Hickey, the co-director of Hacker House, with whom she had a daughter in 2017.

The nature of her relationship to Boris became the subject of public scrutiny in 2019, after it emerged that she had benefited from thousands of pounds in public money, including from the mayor’s promotional agency, London and Partners (L&P).