‘Very happy to complete the project’—Ehi Ogbebor


Boss lady and entrepreneur Ehizogie Ogbebor in an exclusive interview with City People revealed why she got herself a 7-bedroom mansion on her 35th birthday.

The CEO of The Sayaveth Interiors & Hotel shocked many when she unveiled the magnificent mansion in the heart of Lekki as her birthday gift to herself.

According to Ehi, she is very, very happy that she has been able to complete the project.

“It is personal to me. I decided to celebrate this birthday big because I felt like I deserve it with the commitment and hard work I put into my work and also beautifying other people’s homes, I deserve a proper house too, for me and my kids.

Its a 7 bedroom mansion I called Castle E, named after me, Castle Ehigozie. She revealed on her Instagram handle that she has received thousands of messages since Monday when she released the video.

The video feedback is overwhelming…but this stuck…I remember doing this exact same thing: I looked into the mirror one day at the age of 23 and I said to God use me to prove to my generation that you are God…God is for everyone. He can do more for you”.

She invited a few of her family members and friends for the opening. “I could not invite a lot of people to my birthday and house warming because of the situation going on in the country”.