Vice President Mike Pence said he will not bow to Trump’s pressure to overturn the election results as Congress meet to confirm Biden’s win

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US Vice President Mike Pence said Wednesday he will not follow President Donald Trump’s demand that he overturn the election, vowing he will heed to the constitution, adding ‘So Help Me God.’

Pence sent a letter to the 535 senators and representatives on Capitol Hill ahead of his presiding over the Joint Session that will certify Joe Biden’s victory.

In it, he outlined his belief in his role in the proceedings, which he notes is ‘ceremonial’ and adds that it doesn’t include the authority to ‘determine which electoral votes should be counted and which should not.’

His declaration came as President Trump has repeatedly pressured him to overthrow the electoral college results, which Biden won 306 to Trump’s 232.

Trump has tried to put the blame on Pence for his expected loss on Wednesday but the president also lacks support among the majority of senators in his own party, which dooms his efforts for a congressional overthrow of the results. 

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