Weird! as 4ft snake is dragged out from a woman’s throat in Russia

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It was indeed shocking after a 4ft long snake is removed from a woman’s mouth. The creature had reportedly slithered into her throat as she slept in her garden in Levashi, a village in Dagestan, southern Russia.

When she felt some mild illness, the young woman was rushed to the hospital where she was put to sleep.

The doctor handling the matter inserted a tube down her throat, as he slowly pulls the snake out another medic grabs it, but then jumps back and screams as she realizes just how long the snake is.

The snake was thereafter dropped into a medical bucket. It’s unclear if the snake was alive or dead, or how long it was trapped inside the woman, Metro UK reported.

Some persons claimed the creature could be a parasite or a giant worm but it appears too long for this.

The victim was not identified, nor was the type of snake.

According to local reports, such incidents are unusual but older residents advise the young not to sleep outside in case a snake slithers inside their mouths.

The Ministry of Health in Dagestan has not commented on the matter.

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