Woman dies in stampede over COVID19 palliatives|Photo


Two women have been reported dead following a stampede when Abuja residents went to collect their share of the COVID19 loot.

They were trampled to death while struggling for COVID-19 palliatives in Gwagwalada, Abuja, on Monday, October 26.

According to reports, after receiving information that some COVID19 palliatives were stored in a warehouse located on Secretariat Road in Gwagwalada area council in Abuja, the women just like anyone else rushed to the scene.

While struggling for the food items, they fell down and were trampled upon by the overzealous crowd who were also fighting to grab their share of the palliatives.

After the stampede, one of the victims was rushed to the General hospital in Gwagwalada where she was confirmed dead.

Facebook user, Emmanuela Oraegbune shared photos of the decease online with a call for anyone who knows her family members to reach out to them.

In an updated post, Emmauela says that the family of the deceased lady has been contacted and they have identified her corpse.