Woman Disguised as ” Doctor ” Stole 3-day-old baby In a Jos hospital

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There was pandemoniun in a  Jos hospital when a  distressed mother, Mary Chukwuebuka’s newly born baby was stolen from her by an unidentified person disguised as a medical personnel.

Her husband  Nwagod, have appealed to Plateau State Specialists Hospital, Jos, management, the state Police Command and the public to help in locating their baby stolen three days after she was  birthed at   the hospital.

Narrating her Ordeal the mother of the stolen Baby Mary Chukwuebuka  30,of  Zaramaganda Area told reporters of what transpired between her and a woman who posed as a Doctor.

According to her, she gave birth on May 28 and the child, a baby girl, was stolen from her on May 31 by the said woman, who came to her as a doctor.

She said: “I came to the hospital on Monday. After I was induced, I gave birth on Tuesday morning at about 3:45a.m.

“I lost a lot of blood during delivery and I was to be given blood through transfusion. But my husband was not around, so I had to call my mom.

“I was on transfusion from Wednesday to Friday morning. After the transfusion, the doctor recommended another transfusion, but I refused because we were not financially buoyant and he understood.

“I was to be discharged that day, but when the doctor came in the evening, he said there was another test that they need to conduct the next morning.

 she said: “At about 6:17p.m., a lady who dressed like a doctor came straight to me and asked where the form is. I gave her the form the doctor gave me earlier, but she said it was not the one, that it is the one for the baby.

“I told her I was not given any form for the baby, but she told me the baby needs to be tested too, as her blood sample was needed and that I should give her my baby.

“I had undressed the baby, but she insisted that I should dress the baby because she was taking the baby to the children’s ward and requested that my mother should follow her.”

She said not quite long after her mother left with the said Doctor, her mother returned back to the Ward after she was told by the ‘doctor’  to go back and look after her, that the child will be brought back when she is done with the test.

According to the child’s mother, an hour after, she  became restless and started looking for her child when the ‘doctor’ did not bring back the child.

Parents of Stolen Baby

She said she rushed to the children’s ward where the ‘doctor’ claimed to have taken her child, but did not see any child and she immediately alerted the nurses.

She said the management of the hospital invited the Police and they took her statement that evening.

Her words:

“But since then neither the Police nor the management is telling us anything about the whereabouts of our child. We want you to please let the world know what is happening so that people will help us get our child back.”

Her husband, Nwagod Chukwuebuka, who had engaged the services of Legal Aid Council, said he was advised to meet with the hospital’s Chief Medical Director, Dr. Philemon Golwa.

Narrating his meeting with the CMD, he said:

“I met with the hospital’s management and told them I have not heard anything and my wife has been in the hospital since this incident happened on May 31 and even paracetamol has not been given to her.”

Chukwuebuka said the CMD said they were keeping the wife in the hospital to save her from depression.

His words:

“He said they are keeping her so that she will not get mentally ill because when she gets back home, she may be hearing different rumours from everywhere and might develop mental issue.

But I told them I don’t want her to be here again.

“The CMD was asking me why we involved a lawyer and I said, if you were in my shoes for 10 days, your new born baby is not with you and your wife is in the hospital, and nobody is opening up to tell you anything, how will you feel?”

The Chief Medical Director Dr. Philemon Golwa, said that the hospital management immediately informed the Police about the ugly incidence.

She said the Police were on the trail of the criminals, adding “it is not good for me to make any disclosure until the Police finish their job, otherwise the process would be tampered with completely.

Her words:

“I want the Police to hasten their investigations so that they can give us the report.”

The CMD stated that the hospital mobilised the Police to go to different places in search of the child.

The State Police Command has launched investigations into the matter.

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