Yet Another Attack In The Wake Of Easter Terror Attack In Sri Lanka


A curfew was imposed Sunday by Sri Lankan troops  in a northern town after mobs attacked a mosque in a renewed religion tension in the wake of the Easter terror attacks.

The Crisis started in Chilaw, a Catholic-majority town, after a muslim man made a Facebook post that  a resident misunderstood  as a threat against Christians.

Official sources said the curfew was imposed in Chilaw to prevent the unrest spreading to other areas.

According to Police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera  said Police fired shots into the air and  imposed  the Curfew  to fore stall any further  break  down  of  law and order, He also said the Mobs in Chilaw, 80 kilometres (50 miles) north of the capital Colombo, also attacked  businesses owned by muslims.

Throwing light on the cause of  the  mayhem, Gunasekera said the Muslim man who posted the comment on  facebook  has been arrested by the Police, stating that the curfew would be lifted at dawn on Monday.

This is the first public Sunday masses by the Catholic Church after the April 21 attacks on  three churches and three luxury hotels that left tons and tons of people numbering about 258 dead.

The bombings on April 21 were credited to a local group which had pledged an oath of allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State group.

Religious tension in the area could blow out of proportion if not properly handled by Security Operatives, about a week ago  there were similar upheaval  at a town between Colombo and  Chilaw where an  argument ensured  between two men suddenly degenerated into a religious motivated violence leaving three people wounded.


Security forces and the police  are on top of the situation,having been given a marching order to deal decisively with perpetrators of violence and their allies, and  to arrest and detain suspects for long periods.

Sri Lanka has been  plunged into a state of emergency since the unfortunate incidence in April that claimed the lives of thousands of people including tourists.

Buddhism is the major religion in Sri lanka while Muslims make up around 10 percent of the residents in the country’s  21 million population with  Christians  about 7.6 percent.